About us

With the Yuanmingyuan project, Cooperans aims to strengthen cultural cooperation between Europe and China.

The Yuanmingyuan project promotes the development of new relations between Europe and China, and encourages a better understanding of our common History.

Our project is in line with the work carried out by the Mission Palais d’Eté (Summer Palace Mission) from 1983 to 1985 by French and Chinese researchers and architects to study the palaces of Yuanmingyuan.

A new Sino-European cooperation

The Yuanmingyuan project is only one facet of the intercultural dialogue that must take place between Europe and China. At a time when tourism is intensifying between Europe and China, an understanding of the history of the two regions, the exchanges and the conflicts between Europe and China, is necessary. Cooperans, through the Yuanmingyuan project, engages in cultural cooperation actions.

With the Yuanmingyuan project, Cooperans does not campaign in any way for the repatriation of looted artefacts from Europe to China. This is a private initiative led by a consultancy, we cannot comment on this topic. Only Chinese and European authorities can discuss this issue. However, our consultancy is trying to create bridges between Europe and China to make this episode known to the European audience and to strengthen, through multiple actions, cultural dialogue between Europe and China.