The Yuanmingyuan project, developed by Cooperans, aims to safeguard the memory of the sack of the Old Summer Palace in Beijing by Franco-British troops in 1860 and the second looting in 1900.

It is a cultural and memorial initiative aimed at a better mutual understanding of European and Chinese cultures.


The looting of the Old Summer Palace

The looting of the Old Summer Palace occurred during the Opium Wars that pitted Western powers against China in the 19th century. This plunder is but one illustration of the brutal policies pursued by Europeans and Americans against the Chinese Empire at that time. Too often forgotten in the West, these wars continue to mark Chinese memory.

With the Yuanmingyuan project, Cooperans encourages Chinese and Europeans to maintain this memory and to work together on their common heritage and history.

The Century of Humiliation

By launching this project, Cooperans is committed to increasing awareness of this episode in Sino-European history, which unfortunately still remains unknown in Europe.

With the Yuanmingyuan project, Cooperans supports European and Chinese institutions and companies in their actions of cultural dialogue and the promotion of their heritage.